On a mission to find inspiration again

by Suzanne
5th mai 2019
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Inspiration ebbs and flows. As much as I love writing, I encounter two main problems whenever I fell like adding words onto a page: first, I need to find the motivation to do so (my scheduled writing sessions help a lot with that) and then, I have had a hard time finding inspiration lately.

Here are a few tips that helped me get back on the metaphorical horse!

Go through my Bloglovin and Pocket lists

Reading posts and articles written by my favorite bloggers and writers usually do the trick. It helps me a lot with overcoming my writing block. Reading books regularly is also a big part of getting inspired to write my own fiction.

You can get creativity from a lot of different places. I try to keep my mind open whenever I speak with friends and colleagues as well: sometimes a topic of discussion or a simple remark will prompt a blog post idea!

Watching tv shows might sometimes help, but I’m usually less inclined to indulge since I’ve a tendancy to fall down the rabbit hole… Oops!

Set the mood

I sometimes get and idea and want to write about it immediately, but that’s quite a rare phenomenon. Most of the time, I get to writing because it’s time to do it… On Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, an alarm on my phone goes off at 5:50. It’s my signal: I have to sit down at my desk in the next ten minutes and start writing. I don’t have to think about it: I just open my laptop and start typing away for one hour. I set a timer on my Forest app and off I go!

Just get started

It’s very easy to get all soppy about not feeling inspired and just bum around feeling sorry for myself. But I’ve found that the best way to make inspiration come is just to start writing in a kind of free flow way and then see where it takes me.
Most of the time, I get ideas about new posts while writing for my blog. The most difficult part is to ignore the little voice in my head saying “what if this time, nothing came to you?”. It always does. And if one day it doesn’t… Well, we’ll see the next day!

Refer to your « ideal writer »

I have this very precise image of the writer. And some people really remind me of this image. When I’m feeling unmotivated, I try and think about them, about how they make me want to get a grip on myself and show up do to this demanding but rewarding work.
Jane from Jane the Virigin is one of them: she is passionate, organised and committed. She puts her writing at the heart of all her decisions.
I try to remind myself that I have the same 24 hours as her, a full-time job, and a social life, and if she can write meaningful and engaging stories in that timeframe, then so do I.

Don’t restrict yourself

Having a blog means you need to stick to your chosen categories; sometimes I feel like I want to write short essays about life, but as I don’t have a particular category to put them in, I feel like I shouldn’t.
I realise now that’s not how I should go about this: if I feel like writing about something, then I should roll with it! It might be one-time thing, and if so I can always put it somewhere else later on; but if it sticks, it will be a new source of content. I need to embrace whatever creativity has to offer when it strikes!

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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