My favourite apps and softwares to stay organised

by Suzanne
22nd avril 2016
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I’ve always been a big stationery hoarder: I love pretty notebooks and I won’t tell you how many Filofaxes I bought in 2015 (sixteen. SIXTEEN). And yet lately I’ve shied away from my Filofax and felt the need to downsize the number of notebooks, pencils, and pens that I own. I tend to go digital these days! The reason behind that is that first, I feel bad about using paper when I could write things on my phone or computer, and then that it’s way easier to lugg your things around when it’s all in your pocket.

Also, I think it will help me to be more focused on my work and actually prompt me to get things done and not fuss over which notebook I’m going to write in today, or if I should use both a digital and a paper calendar… And so on!

Here are the organisation and productivy apps and softwares I use daily at the moment, and how I use them to keep things minimalistic in my personal and work life. (These are all available on both iOS and Android and on Mac and Windows).


Evernote is the perfect app for notes on the go and taking notes in general. What I love love love about it is the fact it synches between my computer and my phone: I can start a list on my phone and find it seconds later on my computer to add details to it. Also, I just need access to the internet to retrieve everything at any time, even if I ever lose or break my phone/computer or if I don’t have access to them when I need to.

You can organise your notes in folders and create “notebooks” according to your needs. I have one for personal things, one for work and one for the blog. Who needs a Moleskine when you can have dozens of them stocked in your pocket? The choice was easy to make as far as I’m concerned!

Google Calendar

As I don’t have many appointments at the moment, Google calendar is more than enough for keeping an eye on them lately. I also use it as an editorial calendar for the blog: At the beginning of every month, I write down the posts I want to work on/publish and on which day. I always have the calendar on monthly view so that I can see at a glance what I have coming up on this particular month. It’s super useful!


Wunderlist is probably the best to-do list app I’ve ever tried. You can add periodic tasks and recurring ones, and you can choose to set or not a reminder for each task. Just like Evernote, you can divide the taks into different categories, different folders, and even create sub-items for a project. How cool is that?

I have a routine list for daily recurring items, a someday list for anything that’s not time sensitive, an ongoing shopping list, and a list for the blog. The « today » and « week » lists are created automatically when you add a new one to your inbox, which is the catchall when you haven’t chosen a particular category. I mainly use the « today » view, which combines all items from all categories due on that day (as you can see on the second picture).

Bonus points: it also synches between your phone and computer and you can use either the web version or the software. You can also choose a background for your lists… And they have puppies and kittens, just saying.


This app is based on the Pomodoro technique: it helps you focus for 25 minutes at a time and blocks distracting websites and apps. For every 25 minutes, you get a tree in your garden and a few coins: you can then buy other types of trees. If you get distracted along the way and open another app, you tree dies and you have to plant another one!

I love the fact you can see at a glance how many hours a day/week you worked, and the cute design!


Scrivener is where all the writing happens! I discovered this software while writing my first Nanowrimo. This is the only paying software of this list, but it’s really not that expensive and excellent quality. Also, you can get it halfprice when you win the Nanowrimo since they are a partner of the event! That’s how I got mine and I’m really happy I did because now I don’t use anything else for my writing.
Scrivener is a writing software that has hundreds of uses: you can write a novel, manage a blog, work on a paper or anything you set up your mind to!

I use it for both my blog and my writing projects, fiction and non-fiction. I have a unique single file for everything and divided my projects into folders and subfolders: for example, I have a folder for every category of my blog, and every chaper of the fiction piece I’m working on. That way, I can drag and rearrange scenes, blog posts, and all that in a second! There’s also the possibility to have seperate folders for your research and characters or anything else like that.

And that’s how I manage to stay organised without paper planners or notebooks!

What are your tools for an organised life? Are you more of a digital or a paper planner person? Let me know in the comments!

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