Getting ready for our move…

by Suzanne
12th mai 2019
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If everything goes to plan, we should be moving this summer! Either I get my mutation and then we’ll be moving nearer to our families and friends in the south of France, or I don’t and then we’ll still move to find a cheaper place outside the city, and hopefully a bigger one and with a small garden if we’re lucky!

I love moving but let’s be honest, packing can be a pain. So as we’re still daydreaming about our future home, it’s time for me (no sexism here, my husband simply isn’t a hoarder like me) to declutter a bit…

School stuff

I have an awful lot of school books, photocopies and documents that were given to me or that I’ve collected over my four years of teaching. They currently take up an entire shelf on my book case, and I’m not using all of them. I need to think about which ones are actually useful to me and get rid of the rest!

I also have a lot of unused binders and notebooks that are just collecting dust. I might donate those to whoever might need them!


I’m a teacher, a planner nerd and an aspiring writer. So as you might expect, I own a SHITLOAD of pens and post-it notes. Most of them I never use, of course. It’s high time I went through my drawers and started deciding what I like and what is simply taking up space.

As a recent Bullet Journal convert, I haven’t used my Filofaxes in months now. I’m still unsure what to do about them: should I sell them or keep them? I need to make my mind up!

Clothes, shoes and bags

A few weeks ago, I destashed my jewelry and mercilessly got rid of more than two thirds of all of my rings, necklaces, and earrings. Most of those had seen a few moves already without even being worn once… I figured it was time for me to say goodbye! At first I wanted to put them aside and see if I would miss them in a week’s time, but eventually I braced myself and put it all in the bin. It felt kinda liberating. All those pieces of jewerly that I loved once and which just sat around for years afterwards were actually cluttering up my dresser. I have a jewelry stand which looks much nicer now with only a few quality pieces that I wear regularly.

I just need to do the same with my wardrobe now! I’ve already binned a few t-shirts but I still have a lot of work. I feel like I’ve been getting better at buying less clothes in recent years, and ones that I will actually wear at that, but still I have a few items that were bought years ago and rarely see the light of day. I plan on doing it KonMari style: get it all out onto the bed and then decide what makes the cut… And what doesn’t.

Important and official documents

When I turned 18, my mother bought me one of those metal hanging file folders to put my first paychecks and diplomas in. Fast forward ten years later and I now own another one and both are full to the brim with bank documents, telephone bills, copies of our lease and other very interesting tidbits. I absolutely HATE filing away documents: it takes five minutes but you can be sure that’s a task I procrastinate every week when it’s time to do it, and I’ve never gone through the boxes’ content to throw away what’s not relevant anymore. So as you can imagine, my hanging file folders could do with a good downsizing.

I could also scan all my paychecks to keep copies of them (if we ever get retirement pensions, mind you), so that I could bin the actual sheets of paper.

I think that’s it for now! Do you have any tips or suggestions regarding things I should declutter? I haven’t moved in three years and it’s the longest I’ve spent in the same spot, so I might be a bit rusty…

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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