Freebie: A5 lesson planning inserts

I’m already working on my teacher planner for next year! I’m back in my Saffiano, I hope this time the strap holds… I’ve had to glue it twice already. So annoying the quality is that bad for such a pricey item!

Anyway, as I already know the classes I’ll have and everything, I’ve began to set up my teacher planner and everything is coming along nicely. I needed new weeklies that would fit my timetable better and got to work!

I created these week on two pages inserts with six slots per day. That’s the maximum classes I’ll have in my week (on Fridays, no less, Lord help me), and a column for notes and to do’s! These inserts are just for lesson planning. My appointments and day-specific tasks will still get written in my personal size Malden.

You can find the pdf file with all my other free inserts. Just print them on a4 paper and cut in half!

I’ll let you have a peak at my planner when it’s all ready for back to school… Until then, have an awesome summer!



  • Un peu de fraîcheur matinale avant de retourner s'enfermer dans les apparts... La canicule sans piscine ça devrait être illégal 😒
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  • Mon poisson pref'
  • 10 ans d'amour samedi. On a célébré ça comme il se doit, et c'était parfait. 💙
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  • Mon premier voyage aux Etats-unis...
J'ai un peu du mal à réaliser, c'est passé à la fois très vite et très doucement, j'en ai pris plein les yeux plein l'esprit plein le coeur et là je suis déjà dans le mariage sans avoir eu le temps de digérer.
C'est fou fou fou.