Five for May

by Suzanne
28th avril 2019
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I thought a new little installment was in order for the blog to go along with the new design… (Let me know what you think about it!) At the beginning of every month, I’ll write five things I’m grateful for or looking forward to! So here’s my May round up…

Taking advantage of aaaaall the holidays

I know I’m still technically on Easter break until tonight, but I’m pumped at the idea of getting four more days off! Time for reading, watching Riverdale (I know, I know, the writing doesn’t even make sense any more) and spending time with J. Bliss!

Setting our move in motion

Even if we won’t be leaving our current flat until mid-July at the earliest, we are set on moving, whatever happens regarding my transfer. Even if we can’t go back to our region (and let’s be honest, I’d be gutted), we intend to leave the city centre and get a place in a greener spot. We’ve been living in this flat for three years and this is the longest time we’ve ever spent in the same place. We moved around a lot when I was child, and as a result I love moving, so I’m always starting to feel antsy after a bit!

Celebrating our first anniversary

On May 12th we’ll celebrate our first wedding anniversary and 11 years together… (Yes, we got married on our 10 year anniversary. Isn’t that cute?). We don’t have any plans for the moment, but we do have a box full of letters to open… I can’t wait to read all the messages our wedding guests wrote for our anniversary! I’m probably going to end up being a sobbing mess but it’ll be worth it.

Finding my feet with my writing routine

I’ve been hiding behind my fears for too long on that one. If I want to be a writer, I have to start writing more regularly. And no matter if I think what I produce is horse shit, I need to be consistent with it, show up at my desk and get the words on the page: that’s the only way to get better at it!

I will try to write on Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings. I’ve set up an alarm to remind me when it’s time to type away and I intend to follow through with my writing projects, be it the blog or my fiction writing.

Books, books, books

I’ve fallen in love with young adult books recently and I particuarly can’t get enough of the fantastic genre. Right now, I’m reading the Mortal Instruments and the Divergent series. So good!

Photos – Ellieelien and Nicole Honeywill

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