Five for August + a quick catch up…

by Suzanne
29th juillet 2019
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I wish I could tell you that July was packed with events to justify my lack of blog posts… But really, I would be lying!

Last time I wrote you an update, we were to leave our flat and were waiting to know if I got my mutation. Well, it’s official: I’m starting at my new school in September and I’m over the moon about it!

What we got up to in July…

First, we packed our belongings and moved to stay at our parents’. The idea was to stay there the whole summer and find a new place in August. In the end, we found a flat we liked and will be moving in on the 29th! I can’t wait. Even when you get along well with your parents, there comes a time when you just crave being alone or being able to walk around in your underwear. I know you get me.

My husband’s mother also got married to her boyfriend (and father of her youngest son) of 18 years last week, and we spent quite a lot of time helping to get everything ready. I really enjoyed it but man, was it tiring!

In the end, July was kind of a « slow » month for me. I’m always working on a hundred projects at a time, but as we weren’t in our own place, I had to adapt to our parents’ schedules and routines, and as frustrating as it could be sometimes, it also was a nice way to unplug and be more present in everyday life. I hope that’s a lesson I can remember once we’re settled in our new home!

Now, let’s talk about my five for August…


I’m a bit behind schedule on my Reading Challenge (when am I not…), so August will be dedicated to catching up! My bookish breakfasts are something I really like doing, and I’m also fond of reading a few pages before going to sleep.
I’m currently at 17 books (when I should be at 23) so wish me luck!

Getting ready for the upcoming school year

This will be my fifth year of teaching. These past few years, I worked all summer, one or two hours a day, and I usually felt like I spent my whole vacation working. This year, I’ve decided to take the whole of July off and to start working in August. We’ll see at the end of the month how I fared and how it impacted on my work!

Apart from preparing my lesson plans, I also need to declutter my textbooks shelf and clean my laptop, file all the docs I need on a regular basis to make it all easily accessible. So, quite a lot to do!

Settle in the new flat

I just love moving. I feel like it’s a new beginning, with endless possibilities. We try to curate a minimalist but cosy home. That means taking the time to choose furniture and objects that we think add value to our home, and it might take more time than just going to Ikea and buying all the pretty things!
So we might not be quite settled by the end of the month, but we should be getting close. Pics to come!

Get back into yoga

As I won’t make as much money as before (that was a condition for my mutation, which I accepted) I’ve decided to not sign up at a gym near me. That means working out on my own! I like yoga for this purpose. I just need to implement a solid routine in order to stay motivated.


This is a kind of a recurring one… Journaling regularly always does me a world of good but I can’t keep it up for long period of times for some reason… Here’s to hoping I pick up the habit to do it at least every other day!

And here is what is in the works for the month… What are your plans for August? Let me know in the comments!

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